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Michael 07-09-09 01:21 PM

How to know if a friends taking drugs
Many teens will find their friends are taking drugs and of course will obviously want to help them in some way or another whether that be advising them on ways of quitting their habits or even informing their parents out of concern. This short article will tell you some of the warning signs so that you may tell more easily if someone close to you is using drugs.

The Signs

A lot of teens when taking drugs will begin to skip school, usually for long periods of time without their parents knowing or the school being able to inform their parents. A friend may begin skipping lessons or hanging around with crowds you consider bad.

When taking some drugs your friends may become paranoid within class or have different looking eyes, usually glazed over and watery and sometimes they’ll have redness around their eye sockets too. Sometimes those taking drugs have erratic behaviour meaning they could become verbally abusive towards others which isn’t like them usually as well as physically abusive; usually they will not be able to explain this unusual behaviour.

Sudden weight loss or weight gain can also be related to taking drugs as well as being hyperactive or unusually tired throughout the day.

Helping a Friend come off drugs

As a friend there is not so much you can do to help and you may be putting yourself at risk if your friends behaviour has changed so always be careful. I think if you suspect your friends are taking drugs that you should tell their parents or ask your parents to tell theirs on behalf of yourself. You shouldn’t feel like a “snitch” or a “grass”, your friend is your only concern here. If in doubt you may want to call this number if you live in the UK: 0800 00 22 00, which is Quit’s Number. It is free from UK landlines, from mobiles prices with vary.

Thank you for reading, if you have any other drugs/alcohol related questions please post them within this forum:

Drugs and Alcohol

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