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Icon1 Male Masturbation

The act of masturbation is normal for males especially during the puberty stages. The majority of males masturbate by “playing with themselves” which can even be just rubbing the penis.

Some males also masturbate their anus by inserting their fingers inside although this is not as common as the above. If you choose to do this make sure to keep your hands clean and washed before and after and also keep your nails filed as they may cause scrapes and bleeding.

Sometimes uncircumsized males will apply a little lubrication to the glans of their penis to aid with masturbation. The majority of the worlds male population during puberty masturbates, some may lie about masturbating but there is no shame in doing so.

Most males will masturbate between one and two times each day on average, some masturbate more which is normal too as long as it isnt interfering with any other aspect of your life like school, homework or your family life.

Masturbating multiple times per day can lead to a shortage of semen, in other words you will not ejaculate as much as if you had not masturbated so many times, your production of semen is indefinite and will always happen but after ejaculating a few times it needs time to replenish.

Masturbating many times per day can lead to soreness of the penis shaft and glans, always give your body time to replenish and relax.

Masturbation Questions and Answers

I masturbate between 6 to 10 times every day, my penis shaft is sore and red, how long should I wait before masturbating again?

It seems that you may have “over done it”. Your penis like any other part of your body needs time to recuperate. You will find that if you dont masturbate as much for example once or twice a day that you wont experience this again. In the meantime I wouldnt recommend masturbating for at least a few days.

When I masturbate I come very quickly, does this happen to other guys?

“Coming” quickly when masturbating is usually down to over excitement and over stimulation. You most likely have become excited very quickly and then ejaculated earlier than you had wanted to. It does happen to other guys especially when they first begin having sexual intercourse. A good way to over come this would be to distract away from masturbating when you are doing it, for example start doing another activity and then return back to it.

Wheres the best place and position to masturbate? I like masturbating when in the garage sitting on the bench?

Where and how you masturbate is entirely your own decision, if you are comfortable masturbating there then that is normal as long as you are not disturbing or exposing yourself to anyone else.

How do you masturbate?

You can masturbate as a male by “playing with yourself”, I will not go into further detail but you should get the idea.

How old is it normal to masturbate at? I am 12 and I do it every day.

The majority of people begin masturbating when they are starting puberty, you may be in the early stages of puberty and have begun which is completely normal.
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