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Default Avoiding substance abuse, and staying clean

The way I see it you can try to do it two ways, cold turkey or cutting back and slowly ease out of it. With substance abuse the longer you do it the harder it is to get out of, so if you think you can try cold turkey and succeed go for it, because there is no reason why you should prolong unhealthy habits. Otherwise try and ease out of it, but don’t regulate this yourself because as long as your addicted you can not be trusted with your own health. Have someone else and expert perhaps to show you how to cut back regularly until you finally never use the substance again. If you can handle moderation and chances are if you have problems with substance abuse you can’t then don’t have it at all.

Just say NO
If you feel pressured into doing things like having taking drugs by friends and family or the need to fit in. Just say no to yourself and everyone else if they are good to you they will understand you need to do what’s best for you and not them. Don’t spend ages beating around the bush, making up lousy excuses. They won’t understand that you just don’t want to do it until you say no. They will keep trying to convince you, thinking that you’re just too scared but still want to do it. You don’t need to try drugs ever and you may not be legally allowed it depending on the drug or ages limits. When you say no, say it in a firm but gentle voice you don’t need to be aggressive but you have to let them know you won’t be pushed around. If saying no doesn’t work then you don’t want to be around them. Just say “look I am sorry, I have got to go” and start walking away. Either they will realise what idiots they have been and beg you to come back after apologizing. Or they will let you go and it will be good for you to be out of the situation.

Steps to resisting, 3 R’s and 1 D

Removal- If you are trying to resist alcohol, tobacco or drugs, remove it you don’t want it lying around tempting you to take it.

Reminders- Research why the substance can be bad for you, if you put reminders of the health risks and other consequences of taking it may put you off it. For example have little post-it notes around where you live, they might have gruesome pictures or just words like cancer etc. This will remind you that if you take it, that is what could happen.

Reward- Sometimes resisting an addiction like with drugs can be hard but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If you think of resisting in a negative way it will only make it harder, so instead try setting yourself some goals and then rewards to look forward to after reaching the goals. DO NOT use the substance as a reward other wise you will forget why you are resisting and you will have to start over.

Distraction- Sometimes in you have a craving for something like drugs you just can’t get it out of your head you will be thinking of it all day, debating weather or not to go and get some. Then your weaker side caves and then you’re planning how you are going to get it. Unfortunately until you have abstained long enough it will be hard to get out of you head. This is why you need distractions, sport, TV, reading, being with friends, anything that you like doing. Otherwise if it is something you don’t like it just makes you want it more. When you remember the other things you like eventually you won’t want the substance any more.

Having a support team
Remember that you don’t have to go through your problem or temptations alone, it’s always good if you have people by your side to understand and make you feel better, substance abuse is linked to depression and stress, so if they can keep you feeling happy and less stressed as well as not alone and comforted this will make you not want to resort to the drug as a substitute, or escape. Make sure your family or friends know what you are going through so that they understand. This is for their piece of mind as well. If you feel like you have no one to turn to you can always talk to people on here or call anonymous help lines. You might want to consider talking to a professional also if you think your substance abuse might be related to underlying psychological issues.

Drugs, alcohol and tobacco should never be abused even if it is to ease the pain of living if that is your reason you should turn to friends family and counseling not alienate the people who will help you and turn to something that changes you, relieves you momentarily and has bad health effects that will come back to bite you.

i'll probably make a few enemies... i'm not exactly a crowed pleaser. don't be afraid to say what you think, because lifes more interesting when people disagree

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