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Default The Risks of Sex: Abortion

Hi there! Some of you may be having sex, or may be in a position (no pun intended) where you may be having sex in the future. This article is meant to guide you and help you deal with situations that may arise due to your sexual relationships. I apologize for any references I make to pregnant girlfriends, she, her, etc. I'm a male, and I'm trying to make this objective, but I might not catch everything.

Just to clear things up: Sex in this article is meant to heterosexual sex in which there is penetration involved between the penis and the vagina only. Anal and Oral sex, for purposes of this thread (unless otherwise specified) are not included.

Sex happens. Sex happens before marriage. Pregnancy happens. Pregnancy happens before marriage. It's important to know that even with a condom, the risk of pregnancy is not gone. Even with the pill or a diaphragm, the risk of pregnancy is not gone. Even with both, there is still a set of risks. If you have sex, there is never going to be a 0% chance that the female will not become pregnant. There is a greatly reduced risk if both couples use birth control, but a .01% chance is still a chance. It is a couple's choice to decide if they want to have sex. Don't pressure your partner into doing something they aren't ready for. It is not worth it for either of you, especially if the sex results in pregnancy. Know when you're ready;

If you aren't ready to make a decision about what to do with a child, then you aren't ready for sex. Sex is an adult action, and while pleasurable, there is no pleasure in finding out that at 15 you have a baby that you aren't prepared for, and didn't plan for. What comes next is a difficult decision to make, and you will have to make it.

When deciding to get an abortion, please act together. It is a difficult decision, and a woman cannot make the decision alone. Some women believe that the choice is solely theirs because it is their right on what to do with their bodies, and while this is true, there are also other factors to consider. Scientifically speaking, the genetic material that makes the fetus is one half of the male's genetic material, and one half of the woman's. While the baby is inside of the woman's body, the child is not entirely the female's. A baby, even if fertilized unintentionally, is made collectively by the mother and father. A baby is such a monumental change for the future, and if the two of you have opposite views it can be devastating to one or the other. Of course, there is nothing that can be said to convince the other partner, but as I said before. Don't rush into sex if you aren't ready.

Without getting into politics, deciding to have an abortion is a very difficult decision. To sum it up, don't make the decision alone, and always consult your partner. Learn from your mistakes (lack of protection, or even sometimes having sex in the first place) and chose your partners carefully. There are so many factors to consider when a girlfriend is pregnant. Family, personal convictions, religious obligations, your future, the baby's future, your financial standing. If you don't want to get stuck in this position, don't get pregnant. Don't have sex. If you aren't ready to make the choice about a child's life, then don't have sex. It isn't worth the emotional pain.

In the previous paragraph I mentioned "Your future" in my list of things to consider with a pregnant girl. Don't forget to think about yourselves when considering this. It may seem selfish, but I'll open your mind to why it isn't. If you decide to have a child, despite the fact that it will ruin your future, then you are cheating multiple people out of success. You are taking away your chance of success, and your partner's because you two have to do a few things: You have to drop out of school to support your child. Especially if you two are not high school graduates, you will BOTH have to work. There are not very many jobs for people without high school diplomas that will be able to feed a family of even just one child. You will both need jobs, most likely more than one. This rules out any time to get an education. Now, think of your child in this environment. The two parents, if you are still together at this point, are always coming and going, and neither of you two are very educated. You most likely will not gain adequate parenting skills to support your child's emotional growth (more so the younger you are) because you yourself are still undergoing a great deal of change. Not that adult's don't change emotionally, but most adults aren't as imbalanced as younger people in terms of hormones on a regular basis. With your child in a negative environment, they are doomed for failure, especially if you have lower income. Money equals opportunity, in a lot of cases, and the less money you have, the less chance for success.

Adoption is a whole different article, and I'd rather stay away from it for now.

Just remember to prevent unplanned pregnancy, use birth control, but even then, birth control isn't always effective. ALWAYS be ready for a pregnancy. If you don't want to worry about it, don't have sex.

I hope this article informed you and educated you. I hope it resonated with you on a personal level and made you think.

This article is solely my opinion and doesn't reflect the opinion of the rest of Teen Forumz

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