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How to get through school part 3 - Work

Work is the most important part of school as you all know. Well, not everybody thinks that! You see the tramps in the street yeah(Bums for you Americans)? Well, do you know why they ended up like that, stuck on drink which they can not really afford? One word: School! They were most likely to be one of them low life bullies that messed around at school, got detentions, and hurt innocent people. They are the people who hide behind the bike shed smoking cigarettes, thinking they are all hard and superior. Well, they regret that! One example is my mums brother. He was one of those trouble makers who stole from school, got in trouble all time time, smashed stuff at school. Look where he is now! He does not have much money, and his parents will not take him in as they were the ones that had to go to the school to speak to his teachers. You see, working hard at school is very important. You may not want to do your maths, english or any other lesson, but it is essential that you do! Look at this man: Click the image to open in full size. - Addicted to alcohol for one reason: Not working well at school! You notice I keep mentioning about working at school? Well you should do it very well! You may not like your boring maths lesson, when you have to get your protractor out and have a long hour of listening to her/him and doing what she/he says, but it is worth it! Would you rather spend one hour doing maths with the result of 10 fun years added to your life, or waste that hour messing around, or bunking that lesson, to waste 10 years of your life? You see, school is the most important part of life! Your decisions at school affect your whole life and what happens when you are older.

If you actually try at school, and get lots of GCSE’s and maybe A levels, maybe you can be like this man when you are older:

He done what his teachers said at school, he chose the right subjects in Year 9, he didn’t let friends get in his way to stop him, he didn’t bully anyone, he didn’t mess around, and he tried his hardest! Now, wouldn’t you like to be like that? Well, follow this article! Make sure you remember this, or your life could be fucked up. I hope you enjoyed this article, and I try to bring my best into what I produce. Feel free to use this article on any site as long as it has a link back to here, and please +REP me or Thank me for what you have read if you agree with it or it has helped you.
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