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How to get through school part two

Bullying is a terrible experience in which everybody who goes to school experiences. Bullies come in all shapes and size, some small and powerful, some tall and wimpy, but a bully will continuously annoy you, no matter what they look like. Do you think you are the only one being bullied? Well, do not think that as it will only get you down, and it is lying to yourself! At least 100 people are being bullied every day by these different ways of bullying:
*Verbal Bullying - Name calling, swearing at you, threatening with words.
*Physical Bullying - Being punched, kicked, or hit in any way. Pushed, or slammed up against the wall. Slapped, pinched, bit, hit with weapons.
These are the two main ways of bullying, and they can both make you feel ruined.
There was an issue the other day at my school, in which this bully pushed me into the road, and kicked me in the feet. I felt so scared when it was happening, and when I tried to get away, he chased after me and kicked me in the ankles about 5 times. I was frightened like fuck! But, did I shut it all up inside my head, and let my nervousness eat me away inside? No I did not! As soon as I got home, I told my mum what happened and asked her to ring up the school. Do you know what happened? I went into school the next day, and was told on the phone that I had to meet my head of year in his office. I went there and I saw the boy who bullied me, and my head of year. We had a chat about what happened between me and him, and DONT FORGET THIS; a bully always says that “you done it first” and this gives them away straight away. So, I was telling my head of year about what happened, and after I had finished explaining, my head of year asked me what type of punishment he should have, or if he should have a warning. I felt happy then because I knew he was in trouble, and I had paid him back, so I didn’t feel afraid to tell him about other incidents when the boy has always been swearing at me and pushing me, and treating me like shit. After that, he said that he will sort out his punishment. I felt saved! My head of year was my hero! The next 3 days I didn’t see the boy who bullied me because he had been doing work with my head of year for 3 days, and had had an hour after school each of them days. And you know what else made me feel safe? The boy stopped bullying me. That’s right, stopped just like that! He stopped talking to me and didn’t even look at me again. That is the power of calling your school up after being bullied.
So, remember this:
*If you are being bullied, don’t be afraid to tell your teachers.
*If you cant tell your teachers, then get your mum to ring your school up and get it sorted out.
*When in a situation with the bully and the teacher, don’t be afraid to tell them everything that they have done, and what you have been feeling.
I hope this article has helped you all, and feel free to post this on any other forums, with the link to this page of course. I am happy to help. I feel really happy now I have shared what I have experienced with others, and I hope you will do the same. Thanks, and I hope you will take your time to read this, and thank me
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