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How to get through school - Part 4

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your teachers.
Teachers are human being with feelings, and they try their best to help you sort out your problems. They are there
for you if you have trouble with your homework or work, and they will stand strong. Okay, so occasionally you will
get a stressy teacher who thinks life is not worth the fuss, but they are the ones who have nothing to lose, and
feel they want to let out their stress by teaching pupils. But anyway, a normal teacher who helps you is a friendly
teacher, and believe it or not, you can have a very secure friendship between you both.
Every school has a nice teacher, even if you haven’t noticed them. They are the ones that speak nice and calmly,
let you off of punishment more often, and have a laugh with you. Those are the ones to have a good relationship
with. You see, a good relationship can make you feel really good about yourself, and can make you confident in
school. This can help you do your work with ease, and get along without a hitch.
The best way to start a good relationship is to do really well in the lesson with the teacher that you want to have
a good friendship with. Do it really well, so that she/he holds up your work and says its the best in the class.
This will also make you feel really proud of yourself, like you have just saved the school from a devastating bug,
and will give yourself a confidence boost to make you do better in that specific lesson. After the teacher has done
that, stay back at the end of the lesson, put on a warm smile, and ask the teacher how you could improve the piece
of work that you have just done. 9/10 times, the teacher will smile back, and say “maybe you could work on your
handwriting” OR “maybe if you broke it up into paragraphs…” etc. You continue smiling, and say, “Okay thank you
Miss/Sir, see you later!”, then walk out of the classroom to your next lesson. This technique is one of the
greatest, and has always worked for me. Most of my teachers like me alot now .
If the above technique does not work, be consistent! Keep trying to do your best to impress your teacher, and you
will end up with a really great friendship, meaning you get good marks, and the school is impressed .
There are lots of other ways you can approach this, such as helping your teacher carry his/her stuff around school,
or helping out in the classroom: Giving out books, staying back to tidy up etc. Also, if you continually fail to
communicate well with one teacher, move on to another one that you like! Simple as that .
If you do not agree with any part of this article, please tell me, and I will reply .
Also, anybody can use this article, as long as it links back to UTF. Do NOT copy it and use it as your own,
otherwise your reputation will be ruined when you get found out. Remember that.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article, as I try to make it as active and warm as I can, in the hope that you will
use it for your own personal use. Thanks again!
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