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Icon1 Teens feeling unsafe at school - What to do if youre being bullied

Many teens dont feel safe at school and it is almost always down to bullying. I am writing this short article on teenforumz.com about what to do if you are being bullied at school and how teenagers can feel safe within school.

Bullying usually starts off as verbal abuse (name calling). Someone at school will begin deliberately picking on you for reasons you dont understand usually and start making your life a misery. Many teenagers do not know what to do when this starts happening and many feel alone, but you are not. This is what you can do if you are being bullied in school:

  • Tell your parents - Dont be afraid or embarrassed they will take this very seriously and be there for you too.
  • Never take any notice of what the bully is saying to you, theyre usually insecure about themselves and taking it out on you or doing it because they see it as being "fun".
  • Tell the headteacher - Your headteacher will take the bullying very seriously which may even lead to the bullies expulsion from your school. Dont be afraid to tell someone, you need to during this.
  • Be more confident around the bully, bullies always think they have power over you when they dont. Be in control and show them youre not afraid of them.
  • Dont ever fight back unless youre being/about to be attacked.
  • If you feel that not enough is being done to help you inform your parents and they will ask the school as to why it has not been dealt with immediately.
  • Never stay off school to avoid them, this will show them that they are dragging you down and that they have succeeded in making your life a misery. Never let them think that.
  • Stick with adults or your friends, bullies tend to avoid groups.
  • Never let them know theyre getting to you, dont react and try to ignore what they say or do.
  • Stay strong, never give up because the bullying will stop. Telling your teachers and parents is the first big step to clamping down on the bullying.
Not all bullies will abuse their victims using verbal abuse sometimes they will physically abuse you for example attacking you. If this is happening to you, you have every right to call the police even in school. If you dont phone the police, tell a teacher right away and make sure they go to the headteacher about it. The bully should be removed from school almost immediately.

I hope the bullying stops for you soon, thank you for reading. If anyone has any sugestions I have missed please mention them below and I will add them.

If you are being bullied and live in the United Kingdom and need someone to speak to you can ring The National Bullying Helpline on: 0845 22 55 787
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