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Michael 23-05-09 01:58 PM

Coursework Planning and Help
Coursework Crazy

There is a time in a teenager’s life when coursework needs to be handed in and the deadlines can be quite pressuring. This article outlines what teenagers could do to help themselves when doing coursework for school exams like GCSE’s.

Setting time aside

Make good preparation by setting aside a good amount of time each night for you to do some of your coursework, 3 hours per night should be sufficient if you begin as soon as you have been given your coursework and related materials. Choose a time where you can be on your own and concentrate without the interruption of family, friends or anyone else.

Gathering your resources

Firstly make sure that you have the resources needed, this may be books, websites videos and many other types of media. Make sure that you have all that is needed for you to learn and complete your coursework well. If you are doing your English Literature coursework make sure you have all documents and books your teachers have given you to hand before you start completing your coursework.

Grab yourself a copy of the specifications for the coursework if you are doing UK exams. This will help you know what you need to do.

Study aids

There is a wealth of study aids aimed towards getting your coursework completed to the highest of standards. This includes books and websites on the internet. If you have the opportunity to get a hold of these study aids and information make sure that you use them but always make sure they’re correct, I have found plenty of awful tutorials and informational guides on the internet that have been a waste of time.

Recommended website
  • BBC - GCSE Bitesize - Homepage is a great website for studying and revision for your GCSE’s. You may find some of the help on this website can help you with your coursework a little too.

Inability to complete coursework on time

Please don’t become worried about your deadlines, take your time with your work and you will produce excellent coursework. If you feel you wont get it completed ask your teachers if there is any after school classes to help catch up with coursework. They should be willing to help you succeed.

Finishing your coursework

If you come to finishing your coursework ask your parents to read over it and mark it themselves as if they were the teacher, if they cant then ask a friend or a neighbour. They will be able to look for any spelling and grammatical errors you have made and may even notice if any of the information is incorrect.

I wish you the best of luck with your coursework and exams.

Thank you for reading.

StarDust 23-05-09 02:17 PM

Re: Coursework Planning and Help
Wow...good advice, as always
I complete my coursework on time, usually.

Theocracy 24-05-09 06:26 AM

Re: Coursework Planning and Help
Good advice.

On top of that (for UK exams) grab a copy of the specification - it always helps.

Michael 24-05-09 06:39 AM

Re: Coursework Planning and Help

Originally Posted by Theocracy (Post 151891)
Good advice.

On top of that (for UK exams) grab a copy of the specification - it always helps.

I will add that to my article thanks :)

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