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Default Scrolling Shooters

I'm a massive fan of scrolling shooters, whether they be arcade games from the 90's or more recent shmups, I tend to love 'em all.

"Scrolling shooters" include vertical or horizontal scrolling games. In a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up (or "vertical scroller"), the action is viewed from above and scrolls up (or very occasionally down) the screen. This has the advantage of allowing complex patterns of enemies as well as allowing even simple graphics to function convincingly. Vertical scrollers are best suited for arcade machines with tall screens; screens used with home computers or consoles tend to be wider than they are tall and thus less suited to vertical scrolling. The other main type of scrolling shooter is a "horizontal shooter" or "side-scrolling shooter", in which the action is viewed side-on and scrolls horizontally. A small number of scrolling shooters, such as Sega's Zaxxon, feature an isometric point of view. Others dispense with scrolling altogether instead using a flip-screen device: when a player reaches the edge of the screen, a whole new scene appears at once. Some shooters may feature multi-directional movement ("multi-directional shooter"), generally with a static screen.

The majority of decent shmups usually come from Japan, as it is not such a popular genre in the west.

This first screencap is from DoDonPachi Resurrection which is the most recent released game in the DoDonPachi series. As you can probably see, this is what they call a "Manic Shooter" which involves dodging a whole curtain of bullets come towards the player.

The game shown below by the player Jaimers91 is Touhou 13 ~Ten Desires~ and is, in a similar fashion to DDPR, the most recent game in the Touhou franchise.

Are there any other shmup lovers among the Teen Forumz community?
If not, do you feel intimidated to play the games I have shown? Would you give them a go?

Your resident Male-to-Female transgender. If you need someone to talk to, let me know!
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