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Icon14 Inspiring Tales --- Volume (1)

This is a new series of threads I'm going to kick off in which I'm going to share with you guys stories I've found interesting and inspiring.

I know this is probably considered a bit long, I tried to make it short as much as possible. But I hope you guys will read it, and I think you will probably enjoy it.

A Window to The Beauty of Life

A man was moved to a hospital due to a health condition he had, where he was told that he should stay there for a month or so to get his treatment. He was moved to a small room in the hospital that looked gloomy where there were two beds and an old man lying on his side on the bed next to the wall that had the only window in the room. The old man had his face directed to the window, and his back towards the rest of the room. The nurse brought the man into the room, laid him on the bed that followed the old man's bed according to the window, set up his medical stuff, and then she left.
The silence dominated the room for a bit, and then the old man broke that silence and said: " Hospital isn't a nice place to be at, is it? "
" No, not at all. " replied the man.
" For how long are you going to stay here? " the old man asked.
" They told me I need a month or so, to get my treatment and recover well. " replied the man.
" I see. " said the old man.
" What about you? " asked the man, then he continued: " Have you been here for too long? "
" Yes, " said the old man, " I'm going to stay here until death comes and takes me. "
" Why would you say that? " asked the man.
" Because I'm an old man, and I don't think I have many day left for me in this life. " he replied.

The next day, the man woke up in the morning, he looked around, and then he looked at the old man and found him at the same position that he has always seen him at. The old man moved his legs a bit, then the man figured that he is awake, so he said: " Good morning. The room looks pretty gloomy, doesn't it?! "
" Not to me " The old man replied. Then, he continued: " I have a spectacular view from this little window. I can see a very beautiful green lawn, followed by an amazing garden which has a fountain in the middle of it. There are few children playing by the fountain. There are too many people there, and that garden is full of life. It is full of colorful flowers that tone with the green waves of the garden forming an incredible nature. "
A very happy feeling stroke the man's heart when he imagined what the old man was watching.

The next day, the man woke up to the sound of music being played from a far place, he asked the old man: " What's happening out there? "
" Ah! I wish you can see what I'm seeing right now. There is a very beautiful carnival being held in the garden. I can see very tall people with very long legs dressed in violet, and I can see two men throwing fire out of their mouths, they look like they are twins. They are making shapes with the fire, dragons, tigers... There's also some people playing music as you can hear. It's just so beautiful. " The old man told.
The man sighed, and then he said: " I wish I can see what you you can see out of that window. But I can't move out of my bed, and nurses tell me that I shouldn't be moving at all. "

The next day, it was raining. Yet, it was sunny. It was a beautiful day...
" I can see an amazing rainbow out of my window right now. It lies in the sky there over the garden. It's a very beautiful thing to watch. " the old man said.
" Life is very beautiful, isn't it? " asked the man.
Then, the old man replied in a calm and confident tone: " Indeed, it is. "

And the days went by....

One day, the man woke up to a lot of noise. The room was very noisy and full of people. The man asked one of the nurses there: " What is this all about? What happened? "
" The old man who used to share the room with you passed away this morning. " the nurse answered.
The man's heart was full of grief upon hearing of the old man's death. He was his only friend in the hospital, and the man never felt alone while he was there. After a while, whilst a nurse was checking on the man, he asked her if she could move him to the bed next to the wall.
" It's okay. " she said. Then she asked: " But why do you want to move to the other bed? "
" I just want to be close to the window. " he replied.
The nurse moved the man to the bed next to the window, and he was eager to have his first look out of that window that shows the beauty of life. He did, and he was pretty shocked. He found that the window was totally blocked by a wall. So, he turned to the nurse and asked her: " Did they recently build this wall or something?! It killed the view! "
" No sir! This wall has always been there! " said the nurse.
The man was getting confused and shocked more and more, and he said in the meanwhile: " That can't be possible! The old man used to tell me everyday about a beautiful garden he was able to see through the window. "
The nurse showed a surprised look on her face, and then she said: " Mr.! The old man who used to lie next to you on this bed was a blind man! "
At first, the expression that the man had on his face couldn't be described, then he handled it with a smile, and said: " It is amazing how a blind man can see the beauty in life, isn't it?! "


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