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Depression, Self Harm, and Suicide Those suffering from depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts can seek help in this forum.

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Name: Grace
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Default would u help me,please?

Well, let me tell you... i feel like i am deeply sad, disappointed, overwhelmed, trapped and so under constant stress and i cant feel different whatever i do...
i have no strenght, when i get up my heart starts beating so fast i want to faint...
sometimes i feel like i am asleep while awake..i cant explain... especcialy when there is some loud noise, i feel like its stronger than me and it keeps punching me in the brain!
i also feel very lonely.. i have no real friends, not because they dont like me,but because i isolate myself and stay in my room all day, cuz i hate everyone around me,and yet i want someone to help me so badd!
could u give me some advice, pleasssee?
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Default Re: would u help me,please?

Get out of the house. The house, if you spend to much time inside its like suicide lol.
But it depends on you if you wanna change. You gotta have the will. Get out, try to stop isolating yourself. Look at life from a brighter point of view. View the good things in your life.
Also, what makes you feel stressed?
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Name: Bethy
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Default Re: would u help me,please?

I'm not sure about the feelings of weakness you are experiencing - maybe you should talk to a doctor or therapist about this to see if they can help you.

Like the poster above said, you need to get out of the house, because that won't make your loneliness go away. And try to stop isolating yourself, as hard as it may be. Talk to people when you get the opportunity, start conversations, find common interests - you may meet someone you really like and who you have a lot in common with. Make sure you find the balance between talking about yourself and talking about them. Ask questions, and give your answers too, so you will get to know someone while they get to know you as well. To make people want to talk to you, try to smile, appear approachable and don't act cold or as if you hate people. Make an effort with people, and make sure they make an effort with you - don't bother with people who don't, because they aren't worth it.

Why do you feel like hate everyone around you? You need to try and stop these feelings towards everyone else, so you can stop isolating yourself and get out. Try to be open minded towards other people and talking to other people, and you might make some good friends. Spend more time with the friends you consider not real friends - you never know; they might want to get to know you better and spend more time together.

When you have some friends you feel comfortable with, start going out to hang out with them. Don't be afraid to ask people to do something, and just go for it. Think of different places to may want to go to keep it fun - maybe to the park, cinema, shopping centre or to a club or group? Make sure you keep working to get a social life so you won't feel so lonely, as it takes time and hard work. Just keep arranging things and try to have people you consistantly hang around with. But have some time to yourself too - spending a little bit of time in your room alone is okay, and will help you get away from the stress and tiredness of being out all the time, and will let you be alone with your thoughts.

I hope things work out well for you and that my advice has helped. If you need any further advice or just want to talk to let out your feelings, feel free to VM or PM me.

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no idea

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