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Family and Friends Having problems with a family member, or maybe a close friend? Seek advice within this forum.

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Name: Lucie
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Default I have no-one at all. :(

Ive never been close with my family, since they always seem to be upset with me, saying I eat too much, or I don't eat enough, or I'm moody and stuff.
So since like say the last two years, Ive counted on my friends to help me.
After a while Ive lost some of my friends and since say last August my friends have been a girl who I love loads, but barely get to see cause she lives far away from me, and my boyfriend of 17 months.
But now Ive noticed they seem to get really angry and annoyed when I'm upset. Apparently I ruined one of my friends birthdays by being depressed and she told me this ages after on Easter by texting it me at 2 in the morning which upset me loads cause she also put "I'm sorry if I ruined your easter, but you ruined my birthday."
I believe in Karma a bit, so I can see If I ruined her special day the pain will come back to me. But then she went on to say I have to control when I'm sad, so I basically feel like I cant be upset around her now cause it'll annoy her.
And every time I go to my boyfriend when I'm upset about something maybe in our relationship like when i feel hes bored of me or were drifting apart he says "Its your problem Lucie. Not mine" and complains that I'm being silly and I just feel like I cant o to anyone about my problems, and I guess I could find a doctor or therapist. But how would I explain to my parents? Cause once I asked them about it and they laughed at me.. :( I just feel so alone and worthless, what should I do?
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Name: Dropthebass
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Default Re: I have no-one at all. :(

Well, your parents correct you and point out certain flaws because they care and they want you to improve in that given field. Besides, not all kids are close to their parents so your relation with them is perfectly normal. Needn't worry about it.
If you wish to be close to them, try having a friendly conversation once in a while, I got the same advice on a thread I made and it kinda worked
Also, about the friend's text, you needn't bother. Her birthday is over and so is Easter.
I know I've ruined some things here and there because of my moodyness too, but there's not much I can do about it now. Just make sure you don't express it as much and try to have fun next time.
Well, maybe your complaining too much to your boyfriend and he's getting sick of it. So give him some time. OR like he said, 'it's his problem, not yours'. Try to find out if it's something serious, or, accept his decision and move on
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Default Re: I have no-one at all. :(

not al parents say things like that beacause the y want their kids to improve on sumthing sometimes parents dont understand their kids or think that they are just children so they know nothing, i understand if you feal lonely espectialy it must hurt when even you bf doest want to help or listen to you, i have no more friends myself i used to have some but i pushed them all away cause they are stupid litl idionts that you can never trust, myself i wuld love to have a friend that i can trust its not easy fealing alone
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Name: Terrie
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Default Re: I have no-one at all. :(

You must be going through a tough time right now.
Make sure you dont think of yourself as worthless, because that'll keep you down.
Your special,they just haven't noticed yet!
Take a moment by yourself and figure out what your problems are, and when you've done that, think of a solution for each of the problems.
Im totally honest when it comes to advice, but it only benefits you!
Maybe you just need to see the brightside, there's a good side to everything!
You could get a therapist, it'd be a great idea. But the only voice you need is your own.
Because only YOU can tell whats wrong. Apologize to your friends, tell them where you went wrong and why you felt that way. If they can't listen to your problems .. then they aren't good friends.
Remember; SMILE for your friends.
Show your boyfriend the Happy bubbly side of you which Im sure you have!
Keep your head up and keep smiling!
If you need any more advice, i have an advice Email: secret-advice@hotmail.co.uk
feel free to write whatever whenever for true and honest advice!
Good luck
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