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Calbrapa 10-05-17 06:57 PM

Helping a friend
What's the craziest thing you've done to help a friend.

A friend of mine has a lot of trouble dealing with a certain "night time problem".
He like me is 13 and as you can imagine is embarrassed about it.

We held off any sleepovers for a long time. He knew he'd have to wear onevifvtjise goodnite deals . He has reusable washable kind for at home but overnight trips he uses the throwaway kind.

I asked my older bro Connor about it and he had same kind of thing happen with a pal of his when he was my age.

He suggested that if my friend had to wear one then do should I, this way he wouldn't be the only one wearing a diaper .

Now this was last year mind you.

I made the suggestion to my friend and he was all for it.

Normally I sleep naked but I was willing to make the exception .

We had our sleepover and it was great.

mikeperes 23-05-17 04:37 AM

Re: Helping a friend
I want to share some good experience with all of you. Last month my friend needed some money, for his mother treatment. No one was giving money to him and at last he called me for money, then I talked to my father and explain all the problem. After that my father gave money to help my friend. Now he refunded all money to me and I feel proud in helping my friend that time.

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