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Default confused

Okay i am 16 years old and female and i met this 20 year old guy on an app in my phone. it was just one of those boring days and i was just looking to talk to some real people. well, i met this guy and we talked and i really liked him, enough so that we talked again the next day. and the next, and so on. He lives in massachusetts and i live in california btw. we eventually exchanged numbers and we've talked on the phone a few times. It turned out that this guy is perfect and everything I have ever wanted in a man. He's a Christian, like me, he's sweet, funny, handsome, and would never treat any girl like shit. the only problem is i think he is too perfect. he is good at everything and is the most romantic person i have ever met. i feel like i could never compare or be good enough for a person like him. ive known him for about 3 and a half months now and ive helped him through a lot of crap: deaths, sickness, drama etc.. he has told his friends and family about me and how much he likes me..I, on the other hand, have kept him a secret from everyone. he says that i keep him sane and that i'm so special to him. he says he's gonna meet me someday and that he would like nothing better than for me to be his girlfriend. this scares the crap out of me because seeing one another in person is so much different than pictures and videos. i dont even understand why he likes me so much because i have no incredible talent and its not like im the most interesting person in the world. i'm afraid it's going to be awkward if we do meet and i'm afraid he's going to be disappointed in what i truly am.. I'm just so confused because he thinks so highly of me and I'm just afraid he's making me out to be much more than what i'm capable of being. Is this relationship worth pursuing? Will anything ever come out of it? Oh and i have never had a boyfriend before and he had just broken up with a major girlfriend about a month before he met me..(the drama i helped him through).. he says that there are no girls over there that spark his interest now that he's met me and he calls me his girl in front of his friends and family. Why does he like me so much?! omg he gives me butterflies and i dont know what to do!
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Name: Zoe
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Default Re: confused

I used to think like that before too...when someone says that he likes me and then I'd get confused..cuz I'm not thaat great or even interesting why would anyone like me!! but then I realized that u might say stuff or do stuff that seems nothing to u..but it'd make the other person like u or be interested in u!!
I guess u should just be yourself..u don't have to worry about it...ya it might feel awkward but u have to act normally..don't just make ur aim is to impress him..just be yourself!! good luck!!

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Default Re: confused

Well since I actually have some minimal experience with this I think I should be able to help. I'd just like to ask; You are SURE he is who he says he is? Have you spoken to him on webcam? You should think about the risks first. He is 20 and you are 16 so you are fairly vunerable. Before organising any of this I think you need to make sure that this guy is legit.

Second of all. I met up with my boyfriend for the first time recently and i'm pretty sure we felt the same as you; scared the other might be dissapointed. Well my advice to you is, just be you. If he doesn't like you for you then he isnt the right man.

Thirdly; tell your parents before you meet. I know how hard this is because I've done it before and I wouldn't want you to make the same mistake. You must tell your parents. Even if they don't let you meet now, you can meet him whenever you wish once you're older. Your parents can help you do this safely.

I wish you luck with this but please be careful. I understand that you're sure he's for real but you need to make sure of that before you meet him to reduce the risk. Don't trust him completely yet. I hope it goes well for you in any case

Kirk <3
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Name: Dropthebass
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Default Re: confused

"The only problem is i think he is too perfect."
I don't intend to criticize but if he's too good to be true, he probably just isn't. Sometimes, people manipulate others online to have them believe that they're something that they're not.
There's no proof that he's who he says he is or the of the age that he claims to be.
You're just 16 and like Lauren said, you're pretty vulnerable at this stage.
I suggest you be careful and don't take this dude too seriously.
For all you know, you may not be the only person he's doing this with.
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