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iloveclaudia 02-11-11 07:47 PM

Craaaaap. We were doing jumping jacks during p.e. then out of nowhere, this freakin fart came out of my butt. I didn't even feel it! It just made a sound. No smell, no nuthin. It was like an airhorn. No fair! I should've atleast felt it, right? That was cheating!

Worst of all, 5 of the most popular students in our year were surrounding me -___- right, lower right, back, lower left, and left.We were at the top right of the whole class.

I was in the process of becoming one of them which means I MUST NOT do anything embarrassing >< I acted like nothing happened but one of them went "i heard a fart!" then all of them laughed. I melted inside and wished i'd just fade away. After that, i was waaaaaay to embarrassed to even open my mouth. I don't want to go to p.e. anymore Dx What should i say tomorrow? I was planning to say that "oh! my phone rang" but that's just plain stupif (yes. i censored the D)

So here's the deal. I NEED HELP. What should i say/do tomorrow? Knowing them, they're obviously gonna make it a big deal again. I heard them talking bout it while we were doing laps Dx I don't want them to know me as "that guy who farted with a funny sound". PLEASE HELP ME. This whole i day i just wanted to shoot myself, no, MY FREAKIN ASS WHO BETRAYED ME.

(it was a good thing that the new girls i waaaay back to the left)

Antigone 02-11-11 08:04 PM

Pretend like it never happened.
That sort of thing happened to me at least once a day. I ate a lot of gassy foods, it couldn't be helped.

It's just a bodily function. Pretend like it never happened and brush any comments off.
It's really stupid of them to get worked up over a bodily function and they don't sound like very nice people. I think that maybe you should reconsider wanting to be "one of them".
Believe me, popularity is a pain in the ass, temporary, and as soon as your out of high school, nobody is gonna care about all the suffering you went though only for it to totally vanish as soon as you obtained it.
Actually no one is going to ever care how popular you were in high school. Except perhaps shallow people.

Again, I think you should consider what these people are really like before trying to become one of them. If they make fun of a simple bodily function, which they've done themselves, then they're not that smart and they're clearly not nice.

And holy shit man, it was a fart. It's not as though the school hallways were plastered with awkward baby pictures of you in the tub buck-naked. It's not the end of the world. It'll all blow over once they find someone new to laugh at. Because it's high school, everyone does something embarrassing and the "popular" people will be there to instantly make fun of it and to mock the other person so much that they'll eventually want to commit suicide over tripping in the halls, having an acne problem, falling asleep in class, sneezing, farting, getting their glasses broken, for being too quiet, and the list can go on and on.

Long story short, if they make fun of a fart then they're not worth your time as they are clearly miserable people with too much time on their hands while believing themselves to be better than everyone else.

iloveclaudia 02-11-11 08:07 PM

@Marionetta that stuff about popularity, it's true but i'm using it as wall to protect me from bullies q: anyways, made me feel better but i'm still angry at my butt tho. thanks!

Bryant 02-11-11 08:56 PM

I understand, I get mad at my butt too. However, if they make a big deal because of a fart then don't worry about them.

I like to decorate my entire university with all of my farts.:) (I actually fart all over my university)

Gray 02-11-11 10:14 PM

go tomorrow like nothing happened , if anyone tells you anything just say "wtf? you never fart?" and laugh.. take it as a joke... smile and make some jockes on it.. Dont give them the right to mock on your or think it was something bad...

Unfortunately here Boys fart and laugh like its something Super wow and will make em "Manly" Yeah Greeks Attitude=,= anyway best of luck...

iloveclaudia 02-11-11 11:45 PM


Originally Posted by Gray (Post 783377)
go tomorrow like nothing happened , if anyone tells you anything just say "wtf? you never fart?" and laugh.. take it as a joke... smile and make some jockes on it.. Dont give them the right to mock on your or think it was something bad...

That's some good stuff right there! thanks dude! (Y)

MontrealRepresent 03-11-11 02:58 AM

If I ever fart at school I just admit to it and laugh. Nobody makes fun of me or thinks differently of me, in fact, we ALL just have a laugh haha :P Everybody does it x)
Not even the girls mind; they might be like "Eww you're gross" and then just laugh about it :P It's not a big deal really, don't worry

Cougar88 03-11-11 12:22 PM

Like everybody said, no big whoop lol. Like gray said, act like nuttin happened and anybody says anything (which they won't, if they were gonna say anything they would've then) just say wtf, get over it.

But ya everybody farts, or has there butt betray them as you put it lol. Even girls secretly wish they could fart with the guys lol.

Gray 03-11-11 12:28 PM

im so annoyed about those guys at school who are in the toilets and if your tummy hurts and you want to use bathroom they will come to pick on you and laugh (glad it didnt happen to me yet , i wish it does! to break some faces:@)

DUDE? you never have taken a shit in your life?... oh well :@....

that was random sorry.

Cougar88 03-11-11 12:57 PM

*just wondering why @Poontang hasn't commented on this threadlol* :huh: :P

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