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Default Life is tough

[Warning: BIG post ahead]

I learned a long time ago that life is tougher then people make it look like it is. I wish to share my tale with you guys, and perhaps you can show me the sunny side of things.

Let me tell you my family situation.

When i was about 14 years old, my parents divorced each other. Me and my brother saw it coming long before it happened, they used to fight each other alot upstairs. It was a sad thing to happen, but they went along just fine. That is, until 2 months ago. My mom recently married an other man, and since this happened, i don't see her as much anymore. She won't talk to my dad anymore, my grandparents ignore him, and she isn't coming over to visit us anymore. And somewhere inside of me, this really hurts.

On to my father. He's the standard dad that tries to mix in with my generation but doesn't succeed. A cool person nonetheless. The sad thing is that he got Parkinsons. He gets stiffer with the month, first barely noticeable but now hard to miss. Sometimes i sit down looking at him, how he struggles through his day. He almost can't walk anymore, and he takes ages to turn 180 degrees. He often lets things fall because his fingers can't bend that well anymore. And he has a lot of pain in his back and joints. To make things worse, the case is hereditary. My great-grandfater had it, my grandmother had it, my dad has it, and in time i will too.

Now, i mentioned i had a brother. Even more, he is my twin brother. I both like him and hate him. He is the burly one, while i am the scrawny one. Because of this, he has hit me ever since he could make a fist. I have been black and blue more often then i can count through my life so far. People tell me i have to stand up for myself, but he doesn't care. I also can't hit him back, i'm too sensitive and too weak to do anything useful.
About 6 months ago, he got diagnosed with a yet-unindentified stomach problem. For unknown reasons, his stomach doesn't digest all that fast. This doesn't sound bad, but every time he eats, he becomes nauseated for 1-2 hours. because of this, he lsot alot of weight. He used to be a heavyweight, but now he looks like a skeleton. He also gets close to no sleep because of this.

And there is me. Like i stated, i'm a nerdy gamer instead of the going-out type. Because of this, i'm very secluded. The fact that i'm part authistic doesn't help. It's very difficult to talk to people face to face. Like there is a brick wall between the two of us. Because of this "ailment", i never had friends that sticked. Sure, i hang with people at school, but once they go to an other class we never speak anymore. I also never had a girlfriend. I liked so much girls, but i can't tell them i do so. I feel very vulnerable in those moments.
Talking about school, i got kicked off about a month ago now. The school simply didn't like me from the start, this is the truth. They have been against me from the start, and they even sent negative emails about me to the companies i used to work back then. Because of this, they kicked me out too. Now i have no diploma, no job, and no future whatsoever. I'll probably end up playing cashier till i'm 70.

That is about as much as i can come up with right now. It's very long, but relieving. If you made it this far, i applaud you.

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Default Re: Life is tough

Man, it does sound like a bad situation right now :/ even I'm going through quite a bad time these days but I guess I'll try to help, maye itll help me feel better, well first off, let me tell you that you don't HAVE to have Parkinson's, it maybe sent down from a long time but bro, workout. Do something physical, I knoww you said your not the type but I'm not saying to be hardcore about it, just think it's something you have to do to prevent it, as your immune system an body gets healthier you probably will be less prone to it, okay now with the divorce, my girlfriends parents are in that situation an just by looking at her, I can tell it must be really hard, but man, if you said its worked fine at first but you can't see your mom anymore, why don't you call her up and tether that ? I know it must be discouraging with whats going on and stuff but it's he only thing, and about your bro, I guess he can't hit you because he's weaker now ? Well I know he's got that digestion problem and all, maybe you see that your the only normal one here, and okay about your school, I'm Suree ! That there must be other schools in your community ! If it's only one, have your mother talk to the principle, there's no way sooem shluld be kicked for any reason, listen man I know things may seem hard right now but it will get better, it may seem stormy now but it can't rain forever! There's more than what the future holds, you don't know what it is, and why is everything the way it is right now, an I know that my advice about your mom and bro just seem useless to you but seriously man it's coming from a guy who's pretty much lost all hope right now.. Hang in there ! Everything will workout for you!
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