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McDonalds 22-06-11 12:53 PM

'Mad' hair color?
I've always wanted one of them strange hair colors...

What do you think?

Blue is nice, but tbh it might be a bit smurf like xD
Red is overused... :/

coloroutofthlines 22-06-11 12:56 PM

Re: 'Mad' hair color?
Purple :laugh!:
Or maybe pink. lol.

I'd never have the balls to dye my hair a "wild" color like that, though.

SparkleyCrystal 22-06-11 01:35 PM

Re: 'Mad' hair color?
Purple fo'sho.

McDonalds 22-06-11 01:39 PM

Re: 'Mad' hair color?
Don't forget, I'm a chico. Considering I'm pretty queer, pink would make me look like Alan Carr on ecstasy... :/

Stacey- 22-06-11 02:09 PM

Re: 'Mad' hair color?
I don't like "wild" hair colours. It just stands out way too much and looks unnatural.

|t'S ME 22-06-11 02:11 PM

Re: 'Mad' hair color?
Put all the colors to your hair ,then:muahaha:

ThatPsycho 22-06-11 02:25 PM

Re: 'Mad' hair color?
I love crazy hair colours. I'm dying my hair a crazy colour in the summer holidays - I'm not sure but right now I'm thinking green with dark blue on my fringe. I agree, red is overused. But blue looks awesome and there is also green, turquoise, purple, orange and more.

BubbaGump59 22-06-11 04:45 PM

Re: 'Mad' hair color?
ive had my moehawk red (team colours) and then i had it purple, prob with red it fades fast, id go with purple or u fav colour! :)

Amyy- 22-06-11 04:49 PM

Re: 'Mad' hair color?
I've dyed my hair blue, blonde, red, purple, orange, green O_o Now my hair is a mix of red, ginger, blonde and brown xD

Try a midnight blue.. it's a lovely colour on boys.

That! and that brand too, manic panic is the best hair dye brand I have ever used.

DeepDistress 22-06-11 05:00 PM

Re: 'Mad' hair color?
Mmm, Idk, i mean for fun it'd be cool but i wouldn't like it long term, but you aren't my boyfriend, so that doesn't really matter. blah sorry im like dizzy as hell and my head is throbbing horriblky.

Blue would look the best though.

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