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LGBT Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

Old 25-01-18, 09:59 PM   #1
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Name: Sander
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Default I'm gay but I like when girls want to see me naked

I've had a couple of female friends over the years and been this nice and open minded boy that girls like in a gay friend. But theres like one thing that isn't very typical with me. And that isn't very much like how a "nice boy" behaves.

And that is... I have asked many of my female friends if they want to see my dick. Just like out of the blue. And they like always want to see my penis. I look quite good but I think they just are curious and see me as a safe person to like... Get to see some stuff without the pressure of things escalating like with straight guys.

So I show them my erect penis and I enjoy them watching. When they move around a little, don't know what to say afterwards, or admit that they became aroused and start to act towards me a bit different for a while. I like when they look at my erect throbbing penis but I do prefer guys so I never stimulate or satisfy the girls afterwards. I don't jerk off for them either or do any kind of exhibitionistic stuff. I just show it, let them look and then I go on to the next thing.

It's just an odd thing for a gay guy to like to do. You feel when a female friend wouldn't like me to suggest such a thing. I have one friend I wouldn't ever want to ask such a thing nor show myself in such a way for her.

But this often makes things a bit strange between me and my female friends for a time afterwards but it just feels like I'm proud of my penis. I'm a kind friend often but I'm at times very sexual so it's like I show them that part of me too.

It's a nice feeling, like when you have the biggest dick in the lockeroom. But it's a better feeling. I can feel a bit aroused doing this I guess but I don't want intercourse with my friends, especially not with girls.

Sometimes I fantasize about having sex with women but very, very rarely and I only fall in love with guys.

When I'm with guys sexually I don't tend to show off that much. Then it's not about me - it's more about making love. Just a few times I've done stuff where I show off but that's when I have my more sexual periods.

Any gay guys out there that really can appreciate the attraction from a woman?

All gay guys that I have talked with have found it very awkward when women hit on them and stuff so I don't know anyone who feels this way.
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Old 06-02-18, 04:15 AM   #2
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Name: Ry
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Default Re: I'm gay but I like when girls want to see me naked

o-o good for you....

i would never offer that to anybody and if i was a girl id feel awkward if someone said that out of the blue, doesnt matter gay or straight, its just going abit too far for a normal friend imo

but theres so many people in the world i am sure there are some who like it too
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Old 09-06-18, 12:26 PM   #3
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Default Re: I'm gay but I like when girls want to see me naked

Maybe you're an exhibitionist or you want to tell the girls "look, you'll never get that (your penis)".
what does it do to you if you show the girl your penis? inner satisfaction, power?
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Old 09-06-18, 02:47 PM   #4
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Default Re: I'm gay but I like when girls want to see me naked

the main question is ... is Sander a troll or more ... ?
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Default Re: I'm gay but I like when girls want to see me naked

Perfectly normal I guess. I’m
Straight by I have gay friends who like to see me naked. In a naturist after all. Fir me it’s no big deal to see others nude or to be seen nude.
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