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LGBT Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

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Default Does anyone else have a transgender sibling?

I would love to talk with others, particularly someone with a male to female transgender sibling.

I have a younger sis who is 11 that started life as a boy. She always knew that she didn't feel like a boy, and wanted to dress in girl's clothes even at age 3 or 4. My parents and my big sis and me all agree that she's supposed to be a girl but something went wrong along the way. She wore clothes that I had outgrown, and others that we bought for her at the store.

For the past couple of years, she has worn only girl's clothes around the house and sometimes when we went out somewhere. She's actually really cute, and easily taken for a girl even if she's wearing boy's clothing styles. The only time that boys clothes were worn was at school and at church.

My mom took my brother to a counselor a few years back which she still sees every week for an hour after having officially made the change. We also went in as a family for additional sessions, to help us understand what he was thinking and how it must have hurt to be a boy when he was really emotionally a girl. They recommended starting female hormone shots every week to help with becoming more feminine and less like a boy, and it has definitely worked.

So, the big change happened over the holidays. My brother asked if we would all be OK with referring to him as a girl instead of a boy, and he would only wear girls clothes from now on. My parents said that was fine with them, and notified the school that Connor was now going to be called Karen (after my grandma) and would only present herself as female from now on.

The school wasn't thrilled to say the least as they haven't had an openly TG 5th grader before, but they said as long as she wasn't disruptive and the other kids accepted the change, they would be willing to allow it. They did bring in a counselor to talk to the kids in her class explaining what my sis was facing in the future and asking them to at least be polite and not hurtful. Nearly all of the kids have been more distant, a few are haters, and a few are very supportive. The biggest issues have been which bathroom to use in school or other public places. Next year she starts middle school and will have to take gym class or swimming several times a week, with the required naked showers. They will have to figure out how to handle that issue, but I hope they can be accommodating to her.

It seems so difficult, there are so many issues, but my sister has never been happier. They told her that they don't do sex reassignment surgery until someone is 18 and legally an adult, but she's looking forward to the day she can truly be a girl. She told me that she would be fine if they didn't give her a vagina, she only wants not to have a penis.

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Default Re: Does anyone else have a transgender sibling?

she must be happy, having those parents.
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Name: Katie
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Default Re: Does anyone else have a transgender sibling?

Originally Posted by lliam View Post
she must be happy, having those parents.
Yes, she has told all of us that she is very thankful she is blessed with us as a family because we have been open to allowing her to explore her feelings about herself. My dad was among the first of us to realize and accept that my brother knew he was a girl trapped in the body of a boy. It's been over 8 years now and none of us would ever do anything to try to change her ability to be who she really is supposed to be.

All of us have cuddled and cried with her, when she needs that level of interaction with someone for support. Fortunately she is quite strong emotionally and is OK with other kids that leave her alone because they aren't sure how to treat a transgender person. She's slowly winning some of them over as they realize she is on an emotional roller coaster and totally harmless to them, only wanting them to treat her just like they would treat anyone else.

Another girl in her class has invited my sis for a sleepover this coming weekend, with two other girls attending as well. This is a first for her and we are all hoping it works out OK. The girl's parents are aware and the mom called my mom yesterday evening to talk and ask a few questions. Mom basically told her to treat my sis like any other 11 year old girl and everything would be fine. The other mom was a bit concerned about her changing clothes in front of the other girls and my mom told her that if they are all aware of the little physical difference, they will probably ignore that and not even care. At least that is what we are hoping for. If any of them are curious, my sis is well informed and very open about explaining her emotions and feelings about herself, so they will get an education on what it's like to be transgendered.
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