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Triteia 21-12-11 09:42 PM

I'm a coward :(.
So, I did a cowardly thing tonight. My friends invited me to go see Arthur Christmas with them at 9:00, and I had been contemplating whether or not to go for literally 2 hours. It wouldn't have been an issue at all, if it weren't for who else was going.

The girl who asked is one of my close friends—let's call her L. If it was just me and her, it would've been fine. But she invited four other friends. Now L and her other group of friends are very beautiful; stunning, actually. And I'm what my ex fondly calls "the ugly friend". Normally I feel lesser than L when we go shopping together because she's skinny and I'm not, but that never gets in the way of me having a good time with her. But when it's her, M, the two A's and J, I feel so low that I don't even have any energy to have fun. I always feel like I'm the least beautiful one there and I feel like I'm just tagging along, like I don't belong. So...I politely told L that I couldn't go. And I really wanted to :sad:.

I know it was cowardly, but...I just didn't want to feel left out and worthless, like I did on L's birthday. The only reason I was okay with her birthday was because everyone was eating, and no one skimped on the food at all. I didn't feel as oafish then, but a movie and a late dinner? In open public? I don't know if I could handle that :sad:.

I'm such a coward :frown1:.

Doniv Darker 21-12-11 10:21 PM

Re: I'm a coward :(.
Philomena, I want you to remember the words that follow, and never forget them. You are not a coward.

I can understand your situation, myself having been there. But the thing is, she's your friend. And you wanted to go. Don't stop yourself from living happily because of what others might think.

This is the 21st century, people hate skinny girls, haven't you heard? We like a little meat on the bones. Besides, since when does it matter what you look like? Race, colour and creed are not aspects which draw lines in society. There are always some assholes, sure. But don't let them weigh you down!

If you want to watch a movie with your friend, why should anything of this nature stop you? It's not like you know every single person in public. And even if you did, that wouldn't be a bad thing.

It's not what's on the outside, rather what's on the inside. I've seen 'sexy' people, and believe me a lot of them are shallow. Which is why I almost hate the music industry now for perpetuating such a negative stereotype on the public.

Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna Potate.

Triteia 21-12-11 10:24 PM

Re: I'm a coward :(.
Really? O.o I had no idea people didn't like thin and pretty anymore. I thought that was still around.

Doniv Darker 21-12-11 10:34 PM

Re: I'm a coward :(.
That's considered unhealthy and generally 'trying too hard'. But then again, everything is relative.

"Pretty" gets thrown around a lot.

Triteia 21-12-11 10:37 PM

Re: I'm a coward :(.
I suppose so :).

Amaryllis 21-12-11 10:46 PM

Re: I'm a coward :(.

I agree with Doniv, so much. From what I've seen from you, you seem like the type of person that is a very trustworthy friend and you are generally nice to everyone. That, in my opinion, makes you beautiful on the inside and out. You shouldn't care what people think. Go out and have fun with your friend. :)

And yeah, a lot of people see sickeningly thin as disgusting now. I can vouch for that since I get comments on my weight all. the. time. because I'm underweight.

Triteia 22-12-11 09:57 AM

Re: I'm a coward :(.
Thank you Danielle :). That makes me feel a little bit better! I'll just go see the movie with M and T next week.

Moh.Saeed 23-12-11 04:51 PM

Re: I'm a coward :(.
You can be prettiest girl in the world and yet you won't see people liking you. It all comes to you personality at the end. You can be the least pretty among these girls but I am sure with your personality you will appear the most beautiful one to others. it's 20% Looks and 80% Character when it comes to liking someone ^^. Enjoy your life, never care about how you look, just be happy that you look that way and not uglier, coz there are people who are uglier than you and they see you as what you call hot and so on. Also, remember that with your character and actions you can force people to see you as beautiful you have SUSAN BOYLE as an example, everyone laughed at her and no one would ever want to look or take a picture with her before she sang, but after she sand everyone forget all about her looks and kept staring at her, they saw a different person. :)

Nobartholem 23-12-11 05:22 PM

Re: I'm a coward :(.
You're not a coward for putting yourself in a position where you'd be miserable, if anything it was smart. And don't think your not pretty. There's always the guy that thinks you're beautiful (like me and my girl) hmu and MSN and we'll talk :)

Neverland 23-12-11 05:34 PM

Re: I'm a coward :(.
I also agree with Doniv.

You're not a coward at all, but you don't have to compare yourself to them. You're a really lovely person from what I gather and you have just as much worth as they do.

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