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Vertigo 16-06-12 04:21 PM

Nobody Cares.
I hate to be the one to tell all of you guys this, but nobody cares about how you look or act, except those who are closest to you. I know it sucks having acne, or being a bit overweight, or being shunned from the community, or just in general feeling like crap. Its natural, I get it, I've been there, done that, whatever. And they don't care. That's the thing. They don't care how you look, just that you don't look like them, or act like them.

They don't care in the slightest about you, so why give them their time? Why give them their 15 minutes of fame in their brain? Why the hell would anyone go out of their way to pretty themselves up for people who don't like them?

That's what I'll never understand about teenagers. Yes, I've read the studies about how now is where we learn how to conform. And that's great. Because for all of you who have been raised on the thought that "I NEED TO BE DIFFERENT", awesome. Take a seat in the awkward turtle lane. Because frankly, I don't care. A little bit of conforming is okay, despite what your kindergarten teacher told you.

So stop really giving a fuck about what the mean girls at school say, or how the jocks say you're a wimp. Tough fucking shit. It's hard to grow up. But feeling bad about yourself, and assuming that everyone is paying attention to your slight weight gain, or violent spots outbreak, is giving yourself too much credit. So I would wipe that away right now.

In a way, it's freeing to have come to this realization. Sure, I'm going to look nice; I want to look nice and dress appropriately for the people I love. But right now, I'm taking a stand; a stand against all of those who thinks that everybody cares. Because no one except those who care, who stay on the phone or on MSN or next to your bed listening to your cry, or anyone else you know would do their damndest to make you feel better, really care.


Schadenfreude 16-06-12 04:23 PM

Re: Nobody Cares.
You still use MSN?

Vertigo 16-06-12 04:24 PM

Re: Nobody Cares.

Originally Posted by Shadow Haunter (Post 921974)
You still use MSN?

.....thank you for getting the point of my rant. And yeah, most kids on here do.

Em- 16-06-12 04:24 PM

Re: Nobody Cares.
This is so relevant right now @Danimal could so use this against me ¬_¬ <3

Pessimystic 16-06-12 05:21 PM

Re: Nobody Cares.
I was picked on alot from elementary school until i left high school. I felt really unsure about myself both physically and mentally. During college i learned the liferule i am living by right now.

"Haters gonna hate".
If anyone thinks i am ugly, annoying, anything, it's their problem not mine. I put on my trollface and continue to ruin their perfect little lives.

NightPanther 16-06-12 05:40 PM

Re: Nobody Cares.
We may not care how someone looks, but there are a few of us that care about a person in general because of our personalities and natures; I am one of those caring people.. I agree with his rant point though - you need to learn that not every tiny little thing that someone might say about you should affect you. I'm to the point now to where I really just don't care about rumors or getting picked on. I just shrug it off.

Nobartholem 16-06-12 09:25 PM

Re: Nobody Cares.
This is for me

Schadenfreude 16-06-12 11:07 PM

Re: Nobody Cares.

Originally Posted by Kryptonite (Post 921975)
.....thank you for getting the point of my rant. And yeah, most kids on here do.

I don't agree with the point you're trying to make. But then I didn't want you to be all like, "nobody cares" if I said anything. And I just thought it was interesting that you use MSN.

Darkness_Prevails 16-06-12 11:08 PM

Re: Nobody Cares.
Sometimes those that appear to care, don't care either. Sometimes nobody cares.

Neverland 17-06-12 01:01 AM

Re: Nobody Cares.
Hear hear.

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