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JBRIGG916 26-05-12 08:45 AM

Much Shorter. Does she want to be more than friends?
I know it's long, I have tried to shorten it as much as possible, and probably doesn't make sense.

Here's what's been happening so far:- (I'm 16 never had a girlfriend before)
There's this girl that I really like we're friends, we're both 16 (she's 12 days older), I'm really shy and think she is to (though I could be wrong as I don't know what shy girls are like), we're both socially awkward and Gamer | Geeks.

[Part 1]
First off, we talk loads, and I mean loads (we talk about games, TV, and music, stuff like that), when we talk we smile at each other and throughout the conversation we look into each others eyes, we don't look away, when I finish talking she'll ask me a question or tell me something interesting, when we first started talking she was always looking down, talking really quick and stuttering on some words, now it's not so much.
We both like almost all the same stuff, music, games etc. (This isn't even half of what we share in common).
I've made her laugh once or twice, and she's only laughed at me when I've made a complete and utter fool of myself. When I stumbled, she was the only one to laugh, she was giggling to herself. Even when I made a barely funny joke, she was the only one to giggle.
If I need anything, like a pen or a pencil or some help, she'll always help with anything I need. Sometimes she'll ask for help off of me and it'll be something really simple.
If I talk to other people, she'll butt into the conversation, I don't mind her doing this.
When I asked for her number, she was pretty quick to give it to me, and said it so fast I had to half guess some numbers.
When I was talking to the girl we had, what I thought was, an awkward silence because I couldn't think of anything else to say to her. It lasted about 25-30 seconds, when she finally said something the conversation carried on.
The other day, after school mine and her friend shouts "Her name have a nice walk home with James"
She replied with "Why wouldn't I?!"
Her tone was defensive, as if she was sticking up for me, but it was happy sounding, higher than her usual voice, she's done this a few times now.
I'm quite, what's that word, chivalrous towards her holding doors open, picking things up she drops, you know stuff like that.
[Part 2]
We are in the same classes at college, so I see her every day, although I don't often get to walk alone with her, as our friends walk home the same way to.
She's also told me personal stuff about her, like what music and stuff she listens to, books she reads, what uni she wants to go to, that her parents are thinking of moving away when she finishes college things like that.

When we we talk I think her eyes dilate, but that could just be the lighting.
She was touching my leg with her foot as well, I think she knew she was, because she didn't stop, I'm probably just imagining this.

I sent her a message asking if she was coming into to college this morning, because she was late, and 'I' didn't get a reply, but when my other friend, who is a girl, sends her a text asking if she's coming in, she gets a text back saying she's going to be late.

She was acting strange, she didn't bother saying hello or anything to me, excluding me from almost everything. ( The next day I asked her what was wrong, and she said she didn't want to talk about it so I left it and moved to a new subject. Was this the right thing to do?).
She kept getting up with another girl, who is our friend, and walking off.
She vanished from college today as well, and when our friend (boy) tried to ring and ask where she had gone, she didn't reply.
I think it may be my fault, because I didn't bother talking to her much yesterday and today, I had some stuff on my mind.

She told me to watch some more MLP and the rest of SoI series on youtube, because she was going to a house warming party, and isn't able to play minecraft with me.

I think, she may still have feelings for her ex, as they only broke up about 2 months ago. (She did say that they're just friends).

Some people had issues understanding this bit, The 'friend' wrote our names on the white board whilst I was off sick.
Well one of our 'friends', who knew I like this girl. Well on Wednesday, I was off sick, he decided it would such a good idea to write, on a white board for everyone to see, James <3 her name.
Now, she ignored me today, also she was sat talking to this other guy all day, which made me feel really sad. I think that the 'friend' maybe told her some other stuff (which is untrue), and after college they all ran from me, and didn't even stay and wait for me.

So today, we were talking again, but not as much as usual, but I kept seeing her, out of the corner of my eyes, looking at me.
Also, I've seen her look at me and if she sees I'm putting my glasses on, she'll put hers on.
Also, yesterday, when she was talking with this other person (boy), she leaned to the side of him and was looking directly at me as if she was talking to me.

Currently we are talking a lot more and getting on really well, like at [Part 1], and she tells me more stuff about herself, like what she did the past couple of days and what she plans on doing and shows me pictures and stuff on her phone.
She keeps saying that I should get twitter and facebook. And on one occasion said "You should get twitter so I can stalk you." Dunno like, but is this a sign she likes me more than a friend?

I'm so confused, I don't know what's going on or what to do.

Flame 26-05-12 03:57 PM

Re: Much Shorter. Does she want to be more than friends?
It sounds like she could. Why don't you ask her out and see?

JBRIGG916 27-05-12 02:06 AM

Re: Much Shorter. Does she want to be more than friends?
I don't ask her out because I'm afraid of rejection, she'll be the first girl I've ever asked out, and I don't feel right asking her out yet as she broke up with her ex-boyfriend about 2 months ago.
Also I'm very shy, so it's really difficult for me. :s

JBRIGG916 27-05-12 04:13 AM

Re: Much Shorter. Does she want to be more than friends?
This probably makes no sense.

I got a message on my phone from the 'friend', saying that the girl I like had something to tell me
(this had something to do with the names on the board as it was the day after, and I got the
message when I was doing some work), but when I went and saw them in the lesson, she didn't say anything to me.

Also, she hasn't mentioned anything to me about having our names wrote on the board, in any of our conversations.

JBRIGG916 29-05-12 12:15 PM

Re: Much Shorter. Does she want to be more than friends?

Pandemonium 29-05-12 12:28 PM

Re: Much Shorter. Does she want to be more than friends?
It surely sounds like she could. You should fight for her if it's what you think is right for you, and if it's what you want: to be with her and to have her as a partner.

You shouldn't fear rejection though. Because not actually asking her out is just the same as a constant 'no'. You'll end up with the same results if you don't try and risk it. If you do decide to make the first step, she might accept it. How wonderful would that be?
Know what I mean?

And I'll leave you with a quote here, which I really like: «It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default.»
Good luck! Keep us updated about this. Message me if you need anything else, too.

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