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NobodyImportant 22-10-17 02:55 AM

Crush Advice
Three years ago, I'm 13, a new girl across the street moved in. We didn't speak much and it stayed that way, untill 8th grade. So we both take the bus and walk home together, then out of nowhere she starts talking to me and having conversations with me almost everyday. I don't have her social media or phone number but I need to know, what's my next step? I can't tell her that I have a crush on her cause I'm almost certain that we wouldn't produce a relationship with just anyone we know. Help plz! Thanks!

lliam 22-10-17 05:28 AM

Re: Crush Advice
This girl has already done the next step by beginning talking to you.

So for now it's all about getting closer and getting to know each other and such.
What's developing out of it now depends on the intensities that each of you has or will develop.

So chill, don't be even a occasionally dick and such.

Maddy01 24-10-17 05:52 AM

Re: Crush Advice
What he ^ said

lliam 24-10-17 06:37 PM

Re: Crush Advice
Maddy's always right :biggrin1:

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