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  1. Gay only challenge !
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  4. I am just in tears.
  5. coming out...
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  7. Confusion and worries about attraction
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  10. Should I try?
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  13. Sexuality Crisis
  14. A World where being Straight is "Abnormal"
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  16. First sexual experience with another boy
  17. Sex ed Survey
  18. Bi or Gay
  19. Wth...
  20. Frustrated and Confused, again.
  21. Random xD
  22. Confused.
  23. Do I pass? Be honest.
  24. What sexuality am I?
  25. Am I A Stereotype?
  26. Kinda Scared /.\
  27. /;
  28. *Sighs*
  29. I'm scared..
  30. Is it bad If I like her..?!
  31. Im Not sure..
  32. Confused..
  33. Haven't told her yet..
  34. Gay
  35. Lesbian girls liking straight ones?
  36. 100 most powerful LGBT people in the world.
  37. Coming Out?
  38. Gender Identity Problems
  39. LGBT Celebrity Crush
  40. Masculinity and Effeminacy (gay men)
  41. Advice can help at the moment :/
  42. Help needed as soon as possible!!!
  43. I Just dont know who's better.
  44. How do I tell him I'm a lesbian?
  45. I thought i was straight?
  46. Any other gay/bi guys?
  47. Dear Straight People
  48. Bi-Curious?
  49. Choosing to be neither sex.
  50. So quite
  51. Very Confused
  52. Gay experiences/Meeting Girls....
  53. I think I like girls too...
  54. Shall I Just Be Gay?
  55. Tighter Hole
  56. Casual Sex Risk Minimisation
  57. what should i do?
  58. Difference in.....
  59. Bisexual girl... Dating a guy... He doesn't know.
  60. Trying to keep a secret
  61. Crushing on my gay friend??? Confusion? would like a gay boys thoughts...
  62. intersex in highschool
  63. Homophobic
  64. Shall I Have Sex?
  65. Help?
  66. Confusion and Crushes...?
  67. Another confused boy's thread
  68. What Am I
  69. umm help?
  70. Somewhat Confused
  71. Are there any sort of "Rules" to being a girl?
  72. What will Estrogen Hormone Replacement do?
  73. Confused ? help me plz
  74. lesbians only
  75. No title... Just a stream of consciousness kinda...
  76. First Time. (Long)
  77. Interested in me or all in my head?
  78. Sex Dating Website Urgent Help!!!
  79. How did YOU come out?
  80. Are homosexuals smarter/more civilized than most heterosexuals?
  81. Faggots
  82. Confused?
  83. Am i bisexual/Lesbian
  84. Am I a queer?
  85. Dan's coming out :)
  86. Coming out at college?
  87. Bisexual - I'm coming out, slowly!
  88. im extremely worried and so scared plzz help!!!!!
  89. Double Standards Regarding Bisexuality
  90. Something I don't understand...
  91. ive never had a girlfriend...
  92. I'm coming out...
  93. The gayest thing you've done today.
  94. Day of Silence
  95. How Did You Know You Were LGBQQetc?
  96. My coming out letter
  97. Is it appropriate to ask a gay male to prom?
  98. Enjoy sex with women more than with my boyfriend...
  99. Teachers against support LBGT community on classrooms
  100. Sydney LGBT Mardi Gras
  101. How do you know you were gay
  102. How do I tell my mom that I like girls?
  103. Your first gay crush stories.
  104. 'Final battle'
  105. Girls Flirting With The Boyfriend.
  106. LGBT equality and tolerance n your area.
  107. Simple Thought
  108. To All The Gays & Lesbians Have You Ever Experimented With The Opposite Sex?
  109. 2 Lesbians raised a son, this is what they got....
  110. How to experiment?
  111. experimenting?
  112. Kinda screwed
  113. So confused....
  114. Am I obsessed? Or maybe just weird?
  115. Andy's Story
  116. Are you gay/lesbian and sometimes have sex with someone of opposite sex?
  117. Am I a freak, like everyone says???
  118. "No Homo"
  119. Firguring out.
  120. Have you ever had any sexual contact with someone of the same sex?
  121. So...
  122. Pansexual?
  123. Not feeling stable
  124. Help! I don't know what to do
  125. Any more crossdressers in the community?
  126. 'My story'
  127. heyyyy
  128. gay or bi guys wanted
  129. confused
  130. Coming out stories
  131. To date or not to date?
  132. LGBT online dating...?
  133. Lesbians/ Bi Girls: type? What type are you?
  134. Strange fact?
  135. If you could, would you change?
  136. Viewer discretion is advised
  137. How much sexual contact have you had with the same sex?
  138. So...how do you end up with 2 girls?...
  139. Is being a lesbian wrong?
  140. How many of you are out?
  141. Post pics of your favourite LGBT stars
  142. Bisexuals: Are you more attracted to one gender?
  143. Origins of homo/bi-sexuality
  144. When (and how) did you know?
  145. What part are you??
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  147. Are you Gay, Bi, Straight, Bi-curious?