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Name: Sander
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Default I dare you - tell me an embarassing story

I'll start with sharing some embarassing stories.

One time I had a psychosis and hadn't gotten medical help yet so when I was walking home with the one I was dating I came out as a lesbian transexual woman. I'm somewhere in between cis-male and non-binary so that isn't true. I'm accually more cis than non-binary so... If we see genderidentity as a scale that's where I am. And I'm a little bit bi but mostly into guys so it was a very wierd statement Anyway we still dated for half a year arter that oddly enough.

When I was 13 I went to the bathroom with headphones and had a pee. When I pulled my headphones out I noticed my mom in the bathtub 3-4m away from me. So I basicly just walked in, pulled out my penis and started peeing infront of her while she was having a nice relaxing bath.

One time I was 11 and sat in the backseat of the car and I was so horny I was about too loose my mind. And my family was there, it was dark and everybody was asleep exept for mom who was driving. It was a long drive, for about 6-7 hours and there were about 3 hours left. Then I thought when I had arriverat I would just go straight to the bathroom and mastrubate like there was no tomorrow. But I had sat there with a full erection for about two hours and after a while it started thrusting or throbbing or what it's called. When it whips up towards you. So I looken around me. It's dark, and everyones asleep. But I shouldn't - really shouldn't. Not here, not now. But maybe I could just stick my hand down my pants and hold it. It feels so sensitive... Just hold it for a while. Wrong desicion! :smugglad: Ofcourse it would feel amaizing. So I started to pull it up and down slowly. And soon I was jerking off in the car with my family ”Sander, you don't do stuff like that” said mom in the front seat. So I stopped. But it had edged me (when you are close) so I started jerking off in the car with the family again. But I stopped before I came which was good. Really, really, really embarassing afterwards.

When ur in psychiatry they take urine samples in my country. So you pee in a cup while a nurse is watching so that you don’t bring some fake clean pee. This time I had to go really bad but I waited till the test so I could deliver any urine. So I put my penis in the cup and finally got to piss. But I wasn't finished by far and had made the mistake of not going in the cup over the toilet. Now that I had started I had to pee extremely bad. So I managed to pinch my dick with one hand, hold the cup in the other hand, walk with my pants down to the toilet in the room and reach the toilet. Just before I reached the toilet I couldn't hold it so I pissed over the toilet then in the toilet. And the nurse was watching the whole time

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Name: Liam
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Default Re: I dare you - tell me an embarassing story

I clicked in this thread and read your post. End of story.
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