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Name: Josh
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Default Need some advice.

Hello My name is Josh, I moved to Florida from a small town in ohio I left alot of friends behind but thats in the past and they all stopped talking to me. Its been 5 years since i moved and I have not a single friend or anyone I know my age let me explain. We moved to this small town of hawthorne and im homschooled so i meet nobody. Im not the average 15 year old im very mature and i am very carfull who i hang around and this area is ghetto and im not like that im a counntry boy i will NOT fit in. Now everyone online says go find activities in your area but there is nothing close. what i have resorted to doing is finding kids my age in my area thru instagram now im gonna be honost my main goal is to find a nice girl to love and hangout with but i also want some cool guy friends to hang out with and have fun ( not drugs or sex ) so what would you guys recomend i do and how do i aproach a girl on instagram or snapchat without looking like a 40 year old creep because im desprate for friends there is very few kids like me in my town so i have a few chances and i have to get them right or they are gone forever.

p.s im not a bad looking kid im confident i can get a good lady and some cool friends.

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Default Re: Need some advice.

The best solution would be you back to high school I think because you're closed off from everyone. Talk with people on Instagram or others social networks, yes but it's not easy if you want to meet a girl or make some friends. But you can try anyway of course. You can post comments if you like what would be posted on Instagram for example. A good start.
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Name: Liam
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Default Re: Need some advice.

You said it yourself, what sets you apart from peers is simply the fact that you are more mature or at least you perceive yourself to be such.

Now that I have met enough classmates who just describe themselves as you do, I think your prob is just your behavior is in contrast the way how your peers usually behave in your social environment.

I can't say much about Snapchat and Instagram or generally such platforms, because I don't or hardly use them because I'm not a fan of Android based platforms that you can not actively use over the internet ...

Therefore, I suppose that there is no big difference in how you behave in real or virtual life.

That imo means, that your target group should not be the normal peers, but peers who are similar to you. This, if course, restricts your choice of potential friends, and thus the likelihood that such friends live in your neighborhood.

But if your focus is still on peers in your immediate local and social environment ...

Of course, you shouldn't compulsively endeavor to be like the other teens around you.

At the same time, you better forget your expectations and still talk to peers regulary. In certain areas of interest or based on individual character traits, you may find that some individuals are far more mature than they acting in their cliques.

This is certainly goes for girls who are known to be much more mature than boys of same age, and therefore mostly interested in older guys.

If you aren't too strict in your views, then you should actually have great chances with some girls.
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Default Re: Need some advice.

I understand where you're coming from at least partially. I was also homeschooled until college.

I was blessed in that the church I went to had a lot of homeschooled kids and also had a basketball team that traveled and played against other churches and private schools in the surrounding states. That really helped me to make friends and meet new people.

I don't know about your interests or abilities, but I would recommend to do something like that. Look around for a person or group that shares a common interest with you. Even something small like similar taste in music or food can be a good way to meet new people and get to making friends.

I don't know your religious beliefs, but if you do attend a church or organized religious assembly, that is also a good way to meet people. You already know just by being there that you have at least one thing in common.

I'll echo @lliam and say that you should keep things in balance. Don't change who you are just for sake of meeting new people. If you just act like everyone else does, that takes away your uniqueness that makes you you. But at the same time, don't be turned off by others just because they act differently from you. Some of my best friends are people who I didn't really think too much of at the first impression. Give people a chance to be friends with you.

If you are having trouble meeting people irl, don't be afraid to PM me or some of the others on this site. I'm sure we wouldn't mind meeting a new friend.
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~~(Idea stolen from Novanter and vampenstine)~~
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