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Default Feeling very low over a number of things...

I had no idea which catergory this post would suit best as its to do with body/teen pregnancy/dating/depression.

First off, i am 19 and my boyfriend is 22. I'm 6 months pregnant with his child. Neither of us wanted a baby and no we didn't use protection so i know it is completely our fault and we have accepted were having a child.

Secondly, his ex girlfriend is CONSTANTLY on my mind, she is beautiful, has a really nice body (big boobs n bum n tiny waist) is a street dancer, she was also 2nd runner up in our regional beauty contest. When me and my boyfriend met he couldn't get over how much i looked like her, however, 12 months later and 3 stone heavier i don't have a hot body anymore. 2 stone i put on before i was even pregnant!!!! It makes me so depressed and makes me think why is he still with me, i'm nothing compared to her :(

Will i ever get my body back?! I am so depressed over it and its making me resent my unborn baby, i know that it's a really awful thing to say but i cant help it, i cry my eyes out every night thinking my life is over and i envy my boyfriends ex's life so much.

If there are any other young mums who have expirienced this whilst being pregnant and then felt differently when your child is actually born? I hope i do.
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Default Re: Feeling very low over a number of things...

It's like the dude at the top of the mountain stressing about how he's going to climb higher.

He's already chosen YOU. He chooses YOU every day. Worrying about this, stressing over it, fearing it, will only make it true. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. So be very careful.

Think of it this way, how much is this fear of losing him HELPING you? Is it making you any thinner, any cooler? Or is it making you depressed, and sad, and jealous, things more likely to result in increased weight and bitchiness? How desirable will you be then?

Quit worrying about it. Have your kid. Have fun. Lose the weight if you want. Enjoy your family. And take things day by day.


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Default Re: Feeling very low over a number of things...

When my boyfriend and I first met I was is pretty good shape and (I didn't know it at the time) appearantly many guys liked how I looked. After a while of dating I gained about 20 pounds. I did not feel good about it and it made me insecure because a lot of girls that I thought were much prettier than me liked my boyfriend and constantly made moves on him. He never looked at them as more than friends though. Eventually I got up the will to lose the weight and I was very proud of myself. Not even a month after reaching my goal I got pregnant and immediately started putting on weight. I gained over sixty five pounds when I was pregnant. I hated how I looked although I never resented or blamed it on our baby. Any weight gain was my fault or my genetics. After I gave birth in about two weeks I lost the majority of the weight (much of it was water retension). I've taken the remaining 15 pounds or so into my own hands and have started dieting/exercising and lost it all in about a month. I still get envious over girls who have better bodies, but I only have myself to blame for not taking care of myself.
You can get your body back but it will most likely take a little effort on your end. If your boyfriend hasn't left you by now he must love you for reasons other than your weight. I do recommend breastfeeding if you can because breastfeeding can help you lose a lot of weight. You shouldn't envy his ex. You have what she doesn't, a boyfriend who has stuck by you and a family. You can always lose weight and change how you look, you just need to have the motivation.
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